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Nadi Astrology
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Deepa Thailam
Hundreds of years ago, there were great Sages or Rishis, who had the vision of looking it know the future of anybody on earth. These predictions were written on Palm Leaves in a particular script and these leaves are used to predict the future of people in these days by Nadi Jyothists. Nadi Astrology is a valuable gift...
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The vibration which emerges from this lamp will work as a 3 dimensional vaastu protector, positive energy enhancer and bestower of peace and prosperity.
Profile - Dr. D. Sivakumar Nayanar
Dr. D. Sivakumar Nayanar
Sri Dr. D. Sivakumar Nayanar was born in Tamil Nadu, India, in a traditional Astrologer's family.

He is a great Astrologer, Numerologist and Spiritualist with 22 years of experience. He gained expertise and became an independent reader at the age of 18. His father, Sri Dharmalingam Nayanar is also a renowned astrologer and is into traditional siddha medicine and had a prestigious name in society as were Dr. D. Sivakumar's grandfather and great grandfather....